There is nothing like family, and Kyah is enjoying hers. Kyah's first cousins from New Jersey, J.C. and Mia were visiting her at her home in Illinois on the fourth of July. Take a peek and see all the fun they had.

Dorinda Clark-Cole: "You Are My Strength, Like No Other".
Recorded live: Tuesday, August 23, 2017, by Zawbdiyel Media/Zebedee Jones, at the Holy Temple Cathedral, COGIC-15912 Lincoln Ave., Harvey, IL, during the Illinois 3rd Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ 21st Holy Convocation.
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This promotional video was made for Yolanda Robinson's Laff Out Loud, a monthly comedy show at the Candlelight lounge in Trenton, NJ.

Ju Ju Crossing was an event hosted by David "Kafele" Austin and DJ Ahmed Davis at the Conservatory Manor in Trenton, NJ. This was taped during Trenton's Art All Day. Listen as Dave Austin give an explanation of what Ju Ju Crossing means.

ZebRon Media brought in a new partner, the prolific attorney, and microbiologist James White. Jimmy added the dimension of African commerce to the company. This video officially introduced and welcomed Jimmy and showcased his talents and contributions.

This video is a brief profile of Kenneth Lewis Sr., an extraordinary artist who attended Ju Ju Crossing to showcase his artwork. For more information, watch the video and let Kenneth explain what he does, why he does it and how to contact him.

This video was created for I Am Trenton, a community-based organization in Trenton, NJ that provides granted for small businesses. The video profiles some of their grant recipients and how the funds have helped them to further their work in the community.