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Life at the Clinton House with Mike Virrilli

On January 16, Zawbdiyel Media published the story, The Clinton House: Promoting Social Justice and Human dignity.  Contained within in the article were interviews with the Clinton House Program Supervisor, James McGovern and two of the Clinton House Facility Monitors, Clarence Carmichael and Ronald Sherman.  To broaden the perspective on the services the Clinton House provides to New Jersey inmates, Zawbdiyel Media spoke with former Clinton House resident Mike Virrilli . Verrilli had many good things to say about the Clinton house in respect to privileges that are not afforded to inmates doing time in prison, and the benefits of a transitional period before being fully re-integrated into society.

Since the publishing of the article Virrilli has been released and is enjoying time with his family and friends. Verrilli says that he feels that he is very “fortunate” that he was able to transition back into society with the help of the Clinton House and that he appreciates the opportunity he was given. Unfortunately there are no statistics as to the success of prior residents who have been released from the Clinton House; however, he is “positive, motivated” and “ready to face whatever challenges life throws.”