Your Brand is you and should be consistently presented on any platform. Whether video, print or social media. Whether on your phone, television, iPad or laptop, you should be Quickly Recognized and Easily Remembered. Your Logos should be designed to suit whatever condition you plan to promote in. Contact us now to discuss the Logo Package that's right for you.


Choosing the right Colors to fit the mood and tone you want can be challenging. Once you find the right hues, you want them to look the same wherever they are displayed. When editing or painting colors can appear differently when using a different computer or watching a different television screen. Your image is too important to be left to guess work. Let us create your custom Color Pallet and ensure the Colors you choose are the ones that will always be presented.

More detailed than a logo, a Crest, Shield or Cost of Arms will say volumes at a glance. High detail is key in conveying Character, Principles, and History. Whatever you organizational needs, Zawbdiyel Media can create the perfect symbol to capture the essence your group's Identity.