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7 Pro Tips for a FREE Website

The Internet is not what it used to be. In the year 2000, Google had only been around for two years, and was just beginning to ascend to its current position as the worlds most used search engine. There would not be a Facebook for another four years and it was five years before the world would be introduced to Youtube.

Back then the Internet had a lot of good stuff for free. There were free music sharing sites, free programs, free web hosting. A google search, at the time would give thousands of results, hundreds of which might lead you to free software, media or content. The thing is a lot of that information and those freebies are still on the Internet. However, with 90% of all web searches being performed on Google, and Google setting the rules and algorithms for search engine visibility, the freebies and good stuff are buried beneath paid advertisements and sites with advanced search engine optimization.

About five years ago, (2008) I was surfing online and came across a Google Money Making System. I’m sure at one time or another you may have seen ads like these before:

  • I Make $8000 A Month Posting Links On Google!
  • Make $250/hr Using Google!
  • I Made $7000 Posting Links Using Google, THIS WORKS!

The system I came across intrigued me because it was only $1.99. When I received the disk in the mail I was skeptical. At this stage of the game I knew there was no easy way to become an overnight success, but excited at the prospect of possibly becoming rich.

The information on the CD was actually very good. There were instructions on how to do just about anything you can imagine pertaining to an online business. There were PDFs, hyperlinks to private online files and adobe creative suite files. The detail that the CD creators neglected to mention was that you needed the $2,500 Adobe Suite Master Collection to effectively use the system. Not to mention, a high power computer to run Adobe and hundreds of hours to learn how to effectively use the system.

Since then I have developed numerous work-arounds to paying for anything online. This is not to say that you will never purchase anything to enhance your business, but what if outside the investment of your time, and your Internet connection you could create a website. Not just any website, but an attractive high quality professional,  website that will exist on one of the world’s most stable platforms, for free, forever.


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Reuben Rodriguez: Event Producer

Reuben Rodriguez has been producing video in the Mercer County area for over a decade. As the owner of Iron Horse Films, and an active affiliate of and, Reuben plans real-time-event productions and events for online radio. Reuben provides video services for New Jersey residents for all types of occasions. Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, or any event one would have memorialized. Reuben has the knowledge, skills and expertise to professionally capture the milestones, achievements and occasions that are worth holding on to.

The Church in the Digital Divide: Bridging the Gap to a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey.

Bridging the Divide_HC

What is the Digital Divide?

The Digital Divide refers to the differences in accessibility to new technology between various cultural, social and economic groups. The world has stepped solidly into the information age, but many have been, and are being left behind. The advantage in the divide goes to those who have the capability to keep up with expensive technological upgrades and innovations that are constantly being introduce to online users. Start up cost for an online business can be expensive. Whether you’re figuring out how to navigate through the Internet on your own, or whether you hire a professional, there are a considerable issues that need to be addressed to create a sustainable online presence.


Where Does the Church Stand?


Sadly, the Church or Churches, in general are falling behind in technology. Where as there are many Churches that embrace new technology and have the resources to pursue online endeavors, many smaller organizations are not prepared for the shift in communications and presentation. Church organizations throughout the world further exemplify the social and economic stratification caused by the Digital Divide. Larger churches with more economic resources, or Churches with professional parishioners willing to share their knowledge have a distinct advantage in entering into the use of digital platforms. Churches with smaller congregations, or parishioners who are not as technologically savvy are in danger of perishing, as organizations, as new models of business and communication emerge.


How Do We Bridge the Gap?


One way to help bridge the technological gap would be an app that would act as a resource of information for Churches worldwide. It’s not necessarily an original idea but it’s one that has been proven to work, and a good place to start. Churches would register with a site. They would submit all of their pertinent information concerning their organization, i.e., address, schedule, denomination, events etc. All of this information would be updated by the submitting church and publicly accessible. Users would be able to search for Churches by the criteria the Churches submit. The app will be global, but by using your GPS location, the app will populate a list of local Churches, Church services, and events and activities within a radius the user determines. In addition to serving as a directory, the site would also serve as an informational hub offering professional information on how to set up and maintain an online presence. Professionals concerned about helping Church organizations could donate or contribute information and advice, or for a nominal fee offer more in depth instruction in private forums to help offset the expense of beginning to establish an online presence. These forums would be focused on the technical aspects of things such as building a website, but also the technical aspects of devising a social media strategy. The site could also serve as a place to find professionals for hire with a heart for the organizations vision, or even those who may want to donate their time or services


The mobile web is contributing to closing the gap to the Digital Divide and now that the Internet is becoming more accessible, more and more Churches need to be educated on how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. The mindset needs to shift from toys to tools, and how to effectively leverage these tools in promoting the Church’s message.


The Internet is a land flowing with milk and honey. The gap to this land can be bridged by information. However, it takes those who are willing to share information and those who are willing to receive information and act on it. Now is a pivotal time in establishing an online presence. Now, smaller companies, organization and even individuals can use various social media outlets to publicize promote their causes. Technology is one part, but knowing how to use the technology properly is another. The awareness that can be created by this simple collaboration is immeasurable. It’s time to get right, or get left.



ContactsXL: Keeping Your Social Life Together

Screen shot of ContactsXL

Screen shot of ContactsXL

Social media has changed the way people communicate with each other around the world. As with the invention of the telephone in the late 1800s, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter and of Google are quickly becoming necessities of communication. In addition to these more popular social media sites, many other companies have created networks that cater to more narrow fields of interest and specific purposes.

A problem that is created by such a high saturation of social media sites and social media sites is managing your contacts. You may have your friends on Facebook, your businesses associates on LinkedIn and distribute and receive news on Twitter, but sometimes friends and associates find themselves in more than one of your networks. Or, perhaps you have 5,000 mixed friends and business associates on Facebook. How do you keep the information you send to each of your friends, stakeholders, patrons and constituents organized and relevant?

Screen Shot of ContactsXL

Screen Shot of ContactsXL

Created by Jonathan Teboul, ContractsXL is a contact management application for iPod, iPhone and iPad. ContactXL allows you to sms, email and text message selected contacts or groups simultaneously. Other features include a smart T9 phone dialer, synching with Facebook and Twitter, Birthday reminders and a host of other features.

ContactsXL lets you organize contacts into groups by creating a group and manually adding them, or by creating smart groups. Rules for smart groups can be set to automatically include contacts. ContactsXL give you a wide range of options to set up you groups. The parameters you set can by very specific or s general as you want them to be.

Screen shot of ContactsXL

Screen shot of ContactsXL

ContactXL seem to be a pretty effective one-stop shop for all of your social communications needs. The only exception is that I didn’t see any option for managing multiple Facebook, or multiple Twitter accounts; however, the versatility, responsive functionality and simple design make it well worth its 99-cent price tag.

If you’ve become challenged by keeping in touch with all of your contacts and current and up to date on all of your social networks, ContactXL is a must have in your application arsenal.